STEM Program Field Trips in Orlando, FL

Educational Experiences specializes in the planning and execution of STEM Program Field Trips in Orlando, FL. Our world-class educational program trips include organized group class trips to Kennedy Space Center™, Sea World™, St. Augustine, New York City, Philadelphia, and Savannah, GA.

What Do The STEM Program Field Trips We Organize Offer?

Our STEM Programs allow students to apply the science, technology, engineering, and math they learn in the classroom and see it in action at popular theme parks and historical cities. This opportunity gives them a real-world perspective that will help foster their educational development.

Trips To Universal Studios™

Students of all ages love thrill rides at theme parks. The Hollywood Rip Ride Rockit™ STEM program is a hands-on experience where students learn the physics law of conservation energy that makes roller coasters so exciting. Collecting a variety of data points, they will be able to calculate the potential and kinetic energy of a roller coaster ride. The educational program concludes with a trip on the thrilling Hollywood Rip Ride Rockit™ that will help solidify their learning experience.

Students are immersed in technology, and our Transformers Roll Out™ is a STEM program that capitalizes on that fascination. Students will work under the six degrees of freedom scientific principle to learn how to choreograph different types of motion to move objects in a three-dimensional space that is the core of the Ride-3D experience.

Trips To Islands of Adventure™

What better way for students to learn about pre-historic dinosaurs than a trip to Jurassic Park™. The Jurassic Paleobotany class at the Islands of Adventure is an immersive educational experience that teaches students about the dinosaur era by comparing fossil images to the plants they find throughout their exciting adventure.

Kongtrol Panel™

The Skull Island: Reign of Kong™ is one of the most thrilling rides at Islands of Adventure. The Kongtrol Panel is a unique educational program that teaches students about the technology that makes the vehicles automatically move around the attraction. Students will have an opportunity to program the ride along a path navigating it safely around the exhibit. After mastering the technical wizardry, they are rewarded with a ride on this thrill-seeking attraction.

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