Educational Programs at Magic Kingdom®

Discovering the American Spirit

Through an examination of American history, students will discover how the conflicts we faced as an emerging sovereign nation birthed a fierce mindset known as the American spirit. Students will gain an understanding of the distinctive traits of this spirit: courage, determination, optimism, rugged individualism and compassion. Students will learn how these traits guided our Founding Fathers and how these characteristics continue to serve Americans in overcoming adversity in the pursuit of life, liberty and happiness—the American dream.

Energy and Waves Physics Lab

Students will discover how energy is transmitted by light and sound waves. Participants will also learn how these waves affect the Disney Guest experience and day-to-day life. Additionally, students find out how light and sound can be manipulated.

Properties of Motion Physics Lab

Students will gain an understanding of inertia, centripetal force and other properties of motion via real-world applications, exhibited in theme park attractions.

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