Educational Programs at Epcot®

Discovering Marine Life Conservation

Students in grades 3-7 play the role of marine conservationists at Epcot® in Orlando, FL to learn about the difficulties facing aquatic animals in the wild and ways they can help them. During this 3-hour program your group will practice their observational skills to identify a variety of fish species, as well as predators and prey. Students will also team up to brainstorm creative solutions for protecting our oceans and marine life.

Disney's Leadership Strategies

Students will explore the relationship between good leadership and successful business strategies. Participants will discover the value of communication, training and empowerment when creating an environment conducive to performance excellence and the achievement of business results.

Everyday Chemistry

What is chemistry? Many of us envision beakers, burners, lab coats, symbols, charts, molecular compounds, complex equations and mysterious secret formulas… but chemistry isn't limited to a lab! It's happening all around us, all the time!

In Everyday Chemistry, science is demystified as participants discover that everything they hear, see, smell, taste and touch involves chemistry and chemicals. Guests will come to understand that chemistry is the science of change and it's the job of chemists to predict and explain how matter interacts to form the new substances that we come into contact with every day.

The Evolution of Technology

Students discover the progressive nature of technology as they explore factors that influence and impact development and acceptance.

Science Behind the Seeds

Students who embark on The Science Behind the Seeds program will discover exciting growing techniques which promote sustainability and allow growers to produce more using less space. By learning what plants need to grow, students will gain practical knowledge on how to implement various pruning and growing techniques, such as hydroponics in their own home or shared community gardens. Students will gain an awareness of the diversity of edible crops such as amaranth, flowers and jackfruit to expand their palette and diet.

Exploring Careers in the Marine Sciences

Make a splash while investigating a fascinating marine science career track during this 3-hour program. Discover how Disney's scientific teams maintain the environment and care for the inhabitants of a nearly 6-million-gallon aquarium at the center of The Seas with Nemo & Friends. Students in grades 8-12 will learn the education and training required for a marine science profession, understand the responsibilities of studying and caring for aquatic animals and how they can play a role in oceanic conservation.

Introduction to Global Citizenship

Students will gain a broadened cultural perspective for the similar needs, interests and issues that bind people of different cultures.

Techniques of Teamwork

At the Walt Disney World Resort, teamwork is one of our deepest-held values—which correlates directly to our success as a business. Through the application of teamwork techniques and principles, Disney Cast Members step up and work together every day to create and deliver world-class experiences and entertainment for thousands of Guests.

In this program, students will explore cooperation, establishing a consensus, how to establish support to achieve success, the value of diversity and the foundation of trust that enables Disney Cast Members to function as a high-performance team, continuing the vision and legacy of our founder, Walt Disney.

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