Educational Programs - Animal Science

Disney’s Animal Kingdom®

Exploring Careers in the Zoological Sciences

Students in grades 9-12 will study various animal science roles—from animal behaviorist to nutritionist—at Disney's Animal Kingdom theme park. Throughout this 3-hour field study, students investigate the responsibilities and contributions of the various scientific teams that ensure the well-being of the animals in our care.

Principles of Animal Behavior

Through observation and exploration of wildlife, students will discover how behavior contributes to animals' well-being and survival in the wild. Traveling through the unique lands and settings of Disney's Animal Kingdom park, students will gain knowledge of the challenges and threats that face wildlife populations, along with the potential consequences and impact these adversities have on humankind. This journey leads students to understand that each animal species has a place in the circle of life.

Sustainable Practices in Wildlife Conservation

Bring environmental studies lessons to life with this 3-hour program at Disney's Animal Kingdom park. Students in grades 6-8 gain a new perspective while discovering how all people and animals are connected, and how they respond to environmental challenges. Your group will study different cultural perspectives on conservation, challenges to fossil fuels and human development of renewable energy. Students will work together using their new knowledge to create an effective conservation action plan.


Discovering Marine Life Conservation

Students in grades 3-7 play the role of marine conservationists to learn about the difficulties facing aquatic animals in the wild and ways they can help them. During this 3-hour program your group will practice their observational skills to identify a variety of fish species, as well as predators and prey. Students will also team up to brainstorm creative solutions for protecting our oceans and marine life.

Exploring Careers in the Marine Science

Make a splash while investigating a fascinating marine science career track during this 3-hour program. Discover how Disney's scientific teams maintain the environment and care for the inhabitants of a nearly 6-million-gallon aquarium at the center of The Seas with Nemo & Friends. Students in grades 8-12 will learn the education and training required for a marine science profession, understand the responsibilities of studying and caring for aquatic animals and how they can play a role in oceanic conservation.

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