Educational Field Trips to Orlando, FL

Since 1992, Educational Experiences has been providing educational field trips to Orlando, FL, for students. We are also Partner of the Year for Universal Orlando for three years in a row. We also organize class trips to the Kennedy Space Center and Sea World, as well as to the historic cities of St. Augustine, New York City, Philadelphia, and Savannah, Georgia.

STEM Programs

While students enjoy a multisensory experience out of the classroom, our educational tours show them how the principles of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics play an integral role in many of the things they like to do, such as riding a rollercoaster. This educational approach gives students a behind-the-scenes look at how the rides at some of the world's most popular theme parks work. It gives them a whole new perspective and appreciation not only for the art of creating the attraction but the technology and engineering that goes into building them.

Educational Programs

Our educational tours include top attractions like the Hollywood Rip Ride Rockit Science at Universal Orlando, Kongtrol Panel at Islands of Adventure, and the Properties of Motion Lab at the Magic Kingdom®. Our educational tour to Epcot Center ® is a lesson in Everyday Chemistry. Students learn how some of the secret formulas are created that affect the sights, sounds, and smells they experience. Another exciting and fun classroom trip is understanding the science of gravity at Disney’s Hollywood Studios. Here students will learn how Sir Isaac Newton’s three physical laws of motion are fundamental to their theme park experience. And at Sea World Orlando, students get a fun, hands-on lesson in unlocking the mysteries of the ocean.

Class Trips

We offer class trips for students of all ages and grades from elementary to high school in a variety of disciplines, including animal science, geography, history, language arts, music and dance, and space. Let us help you plan the perfect class trip itinerary for your school or class that will be a fun and educational experience that your students.

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